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  • Property Specific Reports

    We will determine the essential components when considering site locations and frequency of testing.

  • Expert Witness Services

    Ask about our experts and their services.

  • Multi-Property Solutions

    Whether you have 100 properties, or just one we customize our services to meet your needs.

  • Electronic Billing

    Updated payment and invoicing systems to make payment a breeze.

  • 30 Years of Experience

    Servicing some of the largest malls and properties in the U.S. We have made it our mission to be the best.

  • Fast Service

    Our team knows what’s important to you, and we pride ourselves in providing the best level of service to all of our clients. 

  • Advanced Technology

    The BOT 3000 and Tortus II tests are the “back-bone” systems for investigating the outcome of floor care cleaning and restoration programs. Our preventive assessments provide real-time dynamic coefficient of friction data, which verifies the condition of traction and reveals how daily contamination can affect slip resistance on all flooring surfaces.

  • Expert Witness Services

    Scientific Testing Technologies, Inc. Provides its clients with a Preventive Testing Program that helps mitigate any circumstances arising from a slip and fall. If a potential slip and fall lawsuit occurs, we at STT have expert witnesses that can assist in the review of your buildings historical data, reconstruction, analysis, and testify on behalf of your case.

  • Property Specific Reporting

    The nature of your business environment, worker/pedestrian activity, type of contamination, specific traffic patterns, and injury history will determine the essential components when considering site locations and frequency of testing.

  • Accident Prevention & Loss Control

    Prevention and preparation are the two main defenses against both slip and fall accident and the potential threat of a lawsuit. Prevention involves an awareness of potential hazards and the implementation of an effective floor maintenance plan. Preparation means you operate under the assumption that a slip and fall will occur at some time, and you must be ready to defend against the charge of negligence with proper maintenance, record-keeping, and documentation.

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