Benefits of Floor Testing

Slipping, tripping, and falling accidents have plagued property managers, owners/agents, and facility operations since pedestrians were able to access public and private properties.

Safe floors are no longer optional, but a must for any office, shopping center, warehouse, hospital, leisure center, or any other facility with public access.

Where there is potential for contaminated floors there is a potential for slip and fall liability.

Below are just a few reasons why using Scientific Testing Technologies (STT) services will enhance floor safety.

  • Slip Resistance Testing

  • Maintenance Protocols

  • Floor Safety and Risk Awareness

Scientific Testing Technologies STT about

Floor safety is no longer optional.
It is a must in today’s world of litigation!

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STT Services benefits managerse

Management Benefits

  • Legally poised and prudent measures are documented which will reduce liability exposure to the owner/agent

  • Friction coefficients for slip resistance are validated and monitored which shows accountability

  • Promotes slip resistant floor knowledge for work place efficiency and correction

  • Assists vendor contractual accountability and compliance for color care

Walking and Pedestrian Activity

  • Physical Observations – lifting, pulling, and pushing

  • Tractive Force Requirement – lifting, pulling, and pushing

  • Pedestrian Flow – density, time of day, and walking patterns

  • Distractions – attention, floor surface patterns, visual, and audio stimulation

STT benefits floor safety and pedestrian activity
Scientific Testings Technologies validate real time floor safety data

Validation of Real Time Data

  • Evidence of corrective action to prevent hazards is conducted and performed

  • Documented corrective action helps to mitigate litigation and potential for a costly outcome

  • Expedite appropriate and sensible cost effective decisions for potential hazardous situations

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Meeting Industry Regulatory Compliance

Scientific Testing Technologies services including meeting the standards of OSHA, ADA, and ANSI.

  • Americans Disability Act (ADA) recommendation 4.5 flooring

  • UBC, Title 24, “Disabled Access and Slip Resistance”

  • City of Los Angeles Building Covenant “Recommendation of Slip Resistance”

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Scientific Testing Technologies meets all compliance regulations
STT helps reduce workmen compesattion claims

Lowering Workers Compensation Cost

An active STT service plan helps managers monitor high risk areas for slips and falls.

  • Fewer accidents mean decreased premiums and payouts

  • Fewer indemnity claims, less disability outcomes, and reduce litigated claims

  • Expedite appropriate and sensible cost effective decisions for potential hazardous situations

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Validating Floor Safety

Enhancing Floor Safety through Sip Resistance Testing, Maintenance Protocols and Risk Awareness

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